“The Great Bewilderment”
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The Great Bewilderment


The Great Bewilderment is a series of overlapping and multifaceted ambitious songs written following Vanderwolf’s ejection from the UK and subsequent nomadic wanderings. In a series of mishaps and unforeseen circumstances, including a global pandemic, Vanderwolf finally sought refuge in the sunny climes of Los Angeles, where he currently resides and where much of the new album was written and recorded.


The music was first developed and rehearsed between Max, drummer Angie Scarpa and bassist, H. Chris Roy high in the hills of Laurel Canyon, and usually outside to avoid Covid infection. As the pandemic subsided, guitarist and recording engineer Tim Sonnenfeld was added to the line-up. ‘’We started with 16 songs and Angie was tasked with whittling them down to a tight 7. But then Love Stay Strong and Gratitude Suite emerged– and we just had to have those included in the collection.’’


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VANDERWOLF Continues Genre-Bending Journey With Electro-Infused Single
“3/5th n The Fire”

3/5th In The Fire


As a follow-up to the widely-lauded LP, “12 Little Killers,” New York musician Max Vanderwolf will release the retro-futuristic single, “3/5ths in the Fire” 2022 via Proper. The song, which was recorded in Camberwell, London with producer Chris Wyles at the helm, has its origins in the raging rock excesses of Vanderwolf’s previous London band, Last Man Standing.


“This song was a staple in our set and was frequently played at festivals like Glastonbury, Lovebox and Bestival as well as clubs like 93 Feet East and Barfly. We recorded it much like we’d performed it but eventually I came around to the idea that I wanted to strip it down to its skeletal essence and re-dress it as something sonically anachronistic. Luckily, Chris immediately understood what I was going for…we listened to Vangelis’ ‘Bladerunner’ and Squarepusher’s ‘Hello Everything’ amongst other space-age references. We essentially reinvented the song.”



Vanderwolf re-emerges with ‘12 Little Killers’ an eclectic collection that
includes the deliciously oozing slice of psychedelia of the single *Glisten*, which is heavily-slanted toward melting analogue synthesizers (Sam Sallon) and rich layers of acoustic guitars (Chris Cordoba) and an exquisite vocal by Max Vanderwolf.


Recorded by producer Chris Wyles at his south London studio, the 12 songs were selected, mixed and compiled by keyboardist and co-producer Sam Sallon. It’s available in a limited pressing of 500.


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Interview with Max Vanderwolf on Blues Network is up now!



Vanderwolf re-emerges with a deliciously oozing slice of psychedelia called Glisten. The new single is heavily-slanted toward melting analogue synthesizers (Sam Sallon) and rich layers of acoustic guitars (Chris Cordoba) and an exquisite vocal by Max Vanderwolf. This heady tone-poem was recorded by producer Chris Wyles at his south London studio. Glisten will appear as part of the soon-to-be-released, 12 Little Killers, which will be available in a limited pressing of 500. Be sure to catch the mind-altering video by celebrated film-animator Alden Volney.


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Vanderwolf with Daevid Allen & Robert Wyatt

and The Last Man Standing Ensemble

‘’Extinction!’’ is the upbeat title of a 2-sided digital single from Vanderwolf and his former band, Last Man Standing. 

Side A is “When The Fire Grows Cold”, a piano-led cinematic nightmare-lullaby co-sung by the legendary musician-activist, Robert Wyatt.


The B side is “Extinction!”, a 7-minute Balkan-brass psychedelic fantasy featuring the late, great Daevid Allen’s glissando guitar solo and the wonderful Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey, Lydia Lunch, Tindersticks) on saxophone. These two epic tracks capture the polarities of Vanderwolf’s vision: one song precise and quietly disturbing and one sprawling and transcendent. 


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